Waterproof Tile Gap Repair Filler

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Make your tiles look freshly clean and new in a breeze with this multipurpose waterproof tile gap filler!

This remarkable filler adopts a white color, thick liquid-like solution that can efficiently fill, fix, and seal all at once into tile gaps and cracks. Allowing you to instantly update the look of your space and eliminate old and dirty grouting stains, molds, and other grime build ups. It also provides a powerful, permanent hold that keeps the tiles from moving, lifting, and cracking along the edges over time. Moreover, this gap filler strikes excellent waterproof qualities and antifungal/anti-mold protection. Preventing unwanted harmful growths and from easily weakening or early aging due to constant moisture and liquid exposure.

The multipurpose tile gap filler can work effectively on different cracks, gaps, and spaces. Suitable for kitchen tiles, bathtub tiles, living room tiles, wash basins, toilet gaps, balcony sinks, porch tiles, corridor tiles, sealing joints, and more possibilities. It has a ready-mix solution and easy-to-use nozzle that can apply through the tightest of gaps or spaces smoothly and mess-free. Made with premium, non-toxic formulation that can be safely applied without harm, weakening, or degrading the tile quality. 

Achieve an extra stronger tiled structure and an improved tile appearance only with this multipurpose waterproof tile gap filler! 


  • Multipurpose Tile Filler
    A high-performance, perfect sealing solution that can successfully fill, fix, and seal all at once to various tile gaps with great ease and speed. It offers a thick, liquid-like white color grout that effectively penetrates through the spaces between tiles or cracks with a neat looking finish. Eliminating the look off unpleasantly old and dirty grouting stains, molds, and other unwanted grime build ups. Moreover, this filler also dries off quickly with a permanent gripping to ensure that no tiles would start moving over time or getting cracked along the edges. 

  • Maximum Sealing Protection
    This versatile gap filler provides an excellent blend of waterproofing qualities and antifungal/anti-mold protection. It effectively seals gaps and keeps water, moisture, splashes, and other liquids from penetrating in and causing different damages or early aging issues. Additionally, this tile filler also prevents dirts from penetrating through as well as stopping molds from accumulating. You can now hinder your tiles from easily weakening and from lifting of the floors or counters even after multiple years!

  • Widely Applicable
    The tile gap filler adopts a remarkable adhesive performance that can fill and seal on to different cracks and spaces. It can seamlessly hold onto kitchen tiles, bathtub tiles, living room tiles, wash basins, toilet gaps, balcony sinks, porch tiles, corridor tiles, sealing joints, and other surface cracks and spaces. This handy filler can also thicken and toughen once dry for extra protection. It helps to avoid unwanted brittle and cracking to keep you from repeated repairs unlike with other products.

  • Quick and Easy to Use
    This multipurpose gap filler delivers a ready-to-use compound that can fill, fix, and seal in no time without the complicated mixing or tools. It also comes with an easy to apply nozzle so you can fill even through the tightest of gaps or spaces smoothly and mess-free. Simply wipe the tile clean and dry first, align it through the gaps to fill through, wait for it to dry off, and you're good to go. Ideal for beginners, DIYers, professionals, repairers, and such. 

  • Premium Quality
    Formulated with high-quality, ready-mix solution with a revolutionary sealing, waterproofing, and anti-molding performance. It has a large capacity of 150ml that is enough to fill in tile gaps and spaces from up to an impressive 6 metersmeters. What’s more? This multipurpose tile gap filler does not contain any toxic ingredients that might harm, weaken, or degrade the tile quality. It also does not release strong chemical odors to ensure safety and health. 
  • Material: Water, resin, hydrated aluminum oxalate
  • Color: White, Gray, Black, Gold, Silver
  • Weight: 280ml
  • 1 x Waterproof Tile Gap Repair Fille

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