Vehicle Windshield Sun Umbrella

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Vehicle Windshield Sun Umbrella


  • Safe, odorless material: it does not produce a bad smell at high temperatures. Safe and high quality materials.
  • Effectively reflects sunlight: The composite titanium silver adhesive with good heat dissipation effect can effectively lower the temperature in the car.
  • Thermal insulation + sun protection: This sunshade for windscreens uses high quality aluminum foil material to block a lot of heat and reflect sunlight. This can effectively lower the temperature in the car and prevent damage and aging of the vehicle interior.
  • Multipurpose: This car sunshade for windshield protection can block the sun and rain outdoors - a multifunctional parasol you deserve!
  • Easy to fold + easy to expand: This car windshield sunshade is time-saving and convenient, ready to use, non-destructive to install, small storage volume after folding (with a storage bag) can be attached to the side The car door and the central storage box save space and are simple to stow away. This parasol for cars is practical for everyday use and the ideal sun protection accessory for cars in summer!
  • Environmentally friendly material + No damage to the vehicle trim: This sun protection for the windshield cover is heat-resistant and prevents damage from direct sunlight. Under the conditions of sunlight and high temperatures, the sun protection of the car's windshield does not emit any odors and harmful gases, keeps the air in the car fresh and ensures an environmentally friendly journey. The unique design of the wrapped umbrella beads does not damage the interior or the paintwork of the vehicle and is non-destructive for installation and use.


  • Materials: titanium silver adhesive + impact material
  • Weight: 600G
  • Size: M: 125 * 65CM, L: 145 * 79CM
  • Color: Black


1 * Foldable parasol for cars

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