Squirrel Shape Adhesive Hook 2 Pieces

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Product description:
  • High-Quality Materials: Made of high-quality ABS plastic, with brushed surface treatment, can resist corrosion and rust, and resist daily scratches, waterproof and easy to clean. The self-contained 3M tape has the best adhesion and is waterproof, ensuring quality, durability and life, and has a high load capacity: 2.5kg.
  • Lovely Appearance: When the object is hung on a hook and pulled down, the squirrels head will protrude from the box, adding color to the home environment. And when you do not use it, the box will automatically close.
  • Save Valuable Space: It can be used to hang various household debris, keys, wallets, handbags, chargers, mobile phones, etc. (Note: Do not hang overweight, valuable or fragile items.)
  • Widely used: The installation surface adopts high-strength 3M safety adhesion on various surfaces such as wood and ceramic tiles (please note that the painted walls are limited, otherwise the paint may be damaged.) Suitable for halls, corridors, bathrooms, Kitchen, bedroom, closet, living room, bathroom, office, showroom, etc.
  • Easy to use: Just tear off the self-adhesive cover, and then put the hook on a smooth surface, without drilling holes, and will not damage household devices and walls. Shedding off cleanly, free of bits, marks, sticky residues or stains.

How to install
Adhesive installation method
1.It is suitable for firm, smooth and smooth wall surfaces such as solid marble wall surface, fiberboard surface, ceramic tile, metal, glass, wood surface, wallboard, etc.
2.Tear off the bottom paper on one side of the tape, stick the tape on the back of the squirrel hook.
3.Remove the bottom paper on the other side, stick it on the wall, press firmly, and let it rest for 12 hours before use.

Screw installation method
1.It is suitable for various walls.
2.First install two screws on the wall horizontally (the distance between the center of the installation is 30mm).
3.Align the large hole on the back of the squirrel hook with the screw cap on the wall, pull it down and fasten it on the small hole.

Material: ABS plastic
Bearing capacity: 2.5kg
Size: 51x53x87mm

Package include
2 x squirrel wall hook

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