Natural Stone Solar System Bracelet

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🌞 Each Mesmerizing Planet Is Respresented By Gorgeous Natural Stones.
Each bracelet is made with hand-picked high-quality natural stones to model the breathtaking universe that will have you mesmerized and dreamy.

🌞 We Never Forgot Pluto!!!
The 8 colorful beads correspond to different planet, and we added SUN (Red Stone) and Moon (Spectrolite), and we never forgot Pluto (Black Agate), because it was one of the planet. So There are total 11 color beads.

The rest few smaller size bluesandstone represent various asteroid in the solar system.

🌞 The Solar System Bracelet Attracts Positive Energy from the Whole Universe. You are the Sun, All the Planets are Around You Turn up.

This bracelet enables you to have your very own solar system orbiting around your wrist.The magic of the galaxy and the fantasies of our creative minds are used to create this stellar bracelet.

🌞 The Perfect Gift For That Special Someone.
Have this unique bracelet for yourself or as a perfect gift for someone who loves the beauty of the universe! It Expresses Your Love To Them.

Bracelet Adjustable Fit Most People.

🌞 It Is for Unisex, Can Wear On Both Women and Men. 
Bead Size for Men: 8mm + 10mm,
Bead Size for Women: 6mm + 8mm

🌞 Shine Bright Like The Start You Are
The universe has been revealed as a sign of infinite possibilities and a symbol for open-mindedness, limitless possibility, and creativity.
🌞 Specification:
  • Measures 6mm+8mm for Women;
  • Measures 8mm+10mm for Men;
  • Bead Material:Natural Stone
  • Weight:20g

🌞 Package Include:

  Natural Stone Solar System Bracelet X 1 or X 2


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