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Messy makeup causes frustration and wastes valuable time on a morning routine.

Make your routine quick and easy.

✔ EASILY FIND WHAT YOU NEED - Digging into the constant clutter of your makeup bag is a thing of the past. It extends completely flat allowing you to find what you need. When you need it.

✔ PACK IMMEDIATELY - Packing all your products is no longer a chore. Put everything on the open makeup bag and pull the strings to close it. It really is that simple.

EFFORTLESS CLEANING - We've all been there, get a new makeup bag and within 2 days it looks like it's 2 years old. The unique fabric means little or no cleaning is needed!

✔ PERFECT ON THE GO- Wearing makeup and traveling can be frustrating. But not only is it time-saving, it is made of shockproof and waterproof material that protects your expensive makeup.


The Magic Cosmetics Pouch is a real game changer when it comes to makeup bags!

  • The unique design eliminates all of your makeup frustrations. Sifting through layers and layers of old makeup to find out that a mascara you can never find is sure to get boring! Or you may not even be able to close the zipper on your makeup bag because it is too full. Everyone was there.
  • That's why we made it. We love makeup as much as you do, but we wanted to create a new way of doing things. The quick and easy folding design allows you to see all of your makeup at once and instantly choose exactly what you want. Soothe the painful process of endlessly searching for that one mascara.
  • It is not only perfect as a normal make-up bag, but thanks to its waterproof and impact-resistant material it is also perfect for on the go!
  • When was the last time you cleaned your make-up bag? You might want to know that 9/10 makeup bags contain harmful bacteria as they are not washed or cleaned. That's why we designed Magic Cosmetics Pouch to be completely machine-washable. All you need for cleaning is a damp towel or cloth!
  • Style: Black, flamingo, pink and white stripes, red, beige, light pink
  • Material: polyester
  • Expanded size: 53 * 53cm

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1 * Magic case for cosmetics

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