Fun Rainbow Gradient Coloring Pencil

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Why wait for the rain when you can splash your own rainbow color on the tip of your hand with this fun rainbow gradient pen🌈🌈

A 7-in-1 designed color pencil that effectively releases a high-pigmented, unpredictable rainbow gradient variation in just a simple stroke. Making your dull-looking artpiece more eye-catching with a sprinkle of magical color combination effect. It features an ultra-fine, smooth gliding tip that can effortlessly paint across most art paper types with not a single smudging. Moreover, this rainbow pencil’s coloring tip is thick enough to be used with your child’s uncontrolled pressure without breaking. Suitable sketching, writing, coloring, shading, calligraphy, lettering, doodling, highlighting, stippling, and more possibilities. 

This artistic rainbow color pencil is ideally lightweight and it supports a non-slip, ergonomic gripping. Providing you with optimal maneuverability and high-comfort experience even after an extended use. What’s more? It is crafted expertly to withstand accidental drops and regular usage without snapping. No worries as the multi-colored pencil is also completely non-toxic and odorless to ensure the user’s overall safety and health. Making it the best art tool that can boost creativity as well as serving as an enjoyable pastime activity with your loved ones to strengthen bonds. Perfect for artists of every age and gender whether you're a beginner, professional artists, student, professor, and so on. 

Bring color and whimsiness to your art pieces with just a stroke of this fun rainbow gradient coloring pencil!


  • Fun Multi-Colored Style🌈
    A unique artistic pencil that is expertly designed with layers of recycled paper to deliver a high-pigmented painting with the 7 colors of the rainbow! Allowing you to enjoyably stroke and create an unpredictable shade variation for your art piece. Moreover, this pencil’s fun color gradient combination effect makes your dull looking scribbles come into life with a sprinkle of whimsy and magical touch. No more complicated individual color blending needed anymore for that vibrant and enchanting rainbow colored finish. Making it the perfect art tool for everyone especially for children, to encourage their endless creativity and motor-skills while having fun.          

  • Smooth Pencil Painting🌈
    Adopts an ultra-fine smooth tip that glides effortlessly across the page and releases bright amazing colors without the need for multiple strokes. It can paint on different art surfaces, including drawing books, coloring books, paper, sketch pad, colored papers, and so much more. The rainbow pencil’s tip is also made thicker than the regular ones to ensure that it can be used even with your child’s uncontrolled pressure without it getting broken easily. Furthermore, it also helps to prevent unwanted broken tip pieces from making powder-like pigments that can ruin and stain your artwork. Suitable sketching, writing, coloring, shading, calligraphy, lettering, highlighting, doodling, stippling, and such.   

  • Ergonomic Design🌈
    Super light in the hands and it supports a non-slip lengthened body. Providing you that secured gripping and maximum maneuverability even for those with sweaty palms. This rainbow pencil can be used for an extended time for your different art project without experiencing hand fatigue, strain, and discomfort. No worries as it can be gripped lightly or hard without the pencil snapping in half unlike with other products. It is also applicable for any left-handed and right-handed people which allows the user to draw and color with no issues. Lastly, the rainbow gradient pencil can be also easily sharpened anytime to keep it pointy and smoothly operating.   
  • Perfect Gift Idea🌈
    Serves as a fun and thoughtful present for kids and other artists of different ages. It helps to boost the mind and even be used as an enjoyable pastime activity with your children or friends to strengthen bonds. A great gift for a regular day or special occasions, including christmas, new year, birthdays, children’s party, loot bags, and more possibilities. 

  • Premium Quality🌈
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic ingredients with vivid rainbow effect pigments and impressive durability. It can hold out against regular stress, coloring, and accidental drops without the tip breaking and snapping in half. Additionally, this fun rainbow pencil is odorless to ensure that it can be used for all your artworks without harmful leaching. Its premium pigments can also vividly color across paper without fading overtime and transferring on your skin as you scribble. 

Product information:

  • Pen length: 17.5 cm
  • Diameter of the pen: 0.72 cm
  • Color core diameter: 3.3MM
  • Weight: 6g

The package contains:

  • 10 pcs * Fun Rainbow Gradient Coloring Pencil

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