Decompression Splat Pig (2 pcs)

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Color: Pink
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Stressed? This awesome toy can melt your stress away!


  • Extremely cute appearance

When you see these cute pigs, you will be deeply attracted to them. No one can resist this sweet creature.

  • ALWAYS comes to life

Spray it on! Throw away! Ah, those poor little things ... just kidding, even if you spray them a couple of times, they'll go back to their lovely original appearance!

  • Make a good decoration at home

Put them in your workspace, sofa table, bathroom, nightstand or anywhere you want to spread a joyful atmosphere.

  • Play Safe

With their overloaded cuteness, you might think they won't do bad things. There is no denying that this is correct as they do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to you.

  • Perfect Gift for Someone Under Stress

For whatever reason, your boss has a habit of yelling every day. It is very boring. Why don't you share some of them to silence him?


Material: thermoplastic rubber

Weight: 80g / piece

Color: Pink, Blue, Gold

Size: about 5.5cm


2 * Decompression Splat Pig


  • Inedible.
  • Do not touch the toys with sharp objects.


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