Beauty equipment for pore cleanser

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You can have beautiful skin in minutes! 😍


  • Remove blackheads
Eliminate unsightly blackheads and other blemishes quickly and easily.
  • No chemicals
This product does not contain any substance that is harmful to you and the environment.

  • Fast and painless
Now you can cleanse your skin completely without pain in a matter of minutes.
2 suction levels
With 2 different suction levels, the system can be used for different skin types, meeting the requirements of peeling and brightening, tightening and reducing lines, and deep blackhead removal, leaving the skin translucent and elastic.

  • Four types of beauty heads:
1.Soft microcrystalline head: exfoliates dead skin cells.
2.Large Round Hole Head: Easily removes blackheads.
3. Head with small round holes: cleaner and more delicate.
4.Oval hole head: tighten and fade wrinkles.

3 modes of use:
  • Microdermabrasion of the face:
  1. Put on the microcrystalline beauty head, clean the facial skin and dry it.
  2. Starting from the lower jaw, move the beauty instrument up and down.
  3. Place the beauty instrument on the cheek and move it from the inside to the outside.
  4. Place the beauty instrument on the forehead area and move it from the middle to the sides.
  • Clean blackheads, grease, makeup residue, etc. :
  1. Replace it with a large round hole or small round hole beauty head (select the probe and equipment according to the bearing capacity of your skin).
  2. Aim the probe hole at the area of ​​the skin that needs care, but don't move it back and forth in one direction, and it shouldn't be used for too long at a time.
  • For the care of fine lines:
  1. Replace the oval shaped hole beauty head.
  2. Hold the machine to take care of the corners of the eyes, wings of the nose, around the mouth, etc., and adjust the machine gears as needed.
  3. You can suck on the area of ​​skin that needs care, remove it quickly, and then suck it again. This is repeated several times, about five minutes at a time.
  4. Attention: Please do not keep sucking on the same part, which may make the skin red and purple. If it turns purple, apply it first, then apply heat the next day or see a doctor.


  • Product features: fast charging, one-touch operation, convenient, simple and good to use!
  • Input voltage: DC5V
  • Rated current: ≤500mA
  • Wattage: 2.5W
  • Weight: 155g
  • Battery capacity: 1000mA
  • Charging time: about 1.5 hours
  • Charging method: USB charging
  • Accessories: host, beauty instrument head, power cord, instruction manual
  • Size: 180mm × 42mm

Package includes:

  • 1 * Beauty Equipment for Pore Cleaner

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